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Photo of Third Order AltarTrinitarian Laity
The Trinitarian family is an ecclesial community composed of clerics, lay persons, nuns and religious brothers and sisters who bear the name of the Trinity and who acknowledge St. John de Matha as their common father. Together they form the "house of the Trinity and of captives", share in the same Trinitarian redemptive charism and carry out its mission: the glorification of Trinity and the redemption of the captives of our day.

From the very beginning of the Order, lay persons have been part of the family. By their lay and public nature, they incarnate the charism St. John de Matha in the world in a variety of ways.

Photo of Third Order membersTrinitarian Lay Identity

Incorporated in Christ through baptism, Trinitarian lay persons share in his priestly, prophetic and royal mission and consecrate themselves in a special way to the Most Holy Trinity. Guided by the Rule of St. John de Matha, taken up in the Trinitarian Way they follow Christ through the path of the gospel according to the gift they have received, strive for the perfection of charity, and manifest in the church and in the world the secular dimension of the Trinitarian charism.

Trinitarian LaityAccording to their state in life they live out their lay vocation in fellowship and communion with all the members of the Trinitarian Family, seeking with all their strength the glory of the Trinity and the redemption of their brothers and sisters.

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