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Our Mission Today
Trinitarian Mission TodayIn our world, people and nations suffer oppression because of new and old forms of slavery, and they are wounded in the fundamental values of faith and justice. The Trinitarians, together with the Trinitarian family, choose to heed the yearning for liberation, and the cry of hope, and offer a service of mercy and redemption to the oppressed of our society and, in a special way, to the persecuted and discriminated against because of their religious faith, of fidelity to their conscience or to the values of the gospel.

True to our redemptive mission, the Trintarians wish to be an epiphany of Christ the Redeemer among people today, credible witnesses through whom God works and reveals his merciful and redemptive love.

The motto always present in the heart of every Trinitarian is "Gloria Tibi Trinitas et captivis libertas — Glory to you O Trinity and liberty to the captives".