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Our Spirituality
The Spirituality of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity is epitomized in the Order’s motto, Trinitati Gloria, Captivis Libertas, and in its title Ordo Sanctae Trinitatis et (redemptionis) Captivorum.

Both the motto and the title synthesize the two basic components of the Order’s spirituality: God-Trinity and redemptive charity. These two constituents—Trinity and redemption—are so embedded in the rule and tradition of the Order to clearly indicate that the essence of its spirituality consists in rendering glory to God-Trinity through a love which is directed toward those who are unjustly deprived of their freedom or damaged in their dignity as sons and daughters of God.

The members of the Order consecrate themselves in a special way to the Trinity and, in their ministry of charity and redemption, take Christ the Redeemer as their primary model.

Dining Room Mural
"Vision of Faith"

This picture is the mural in the dining room of Holy Trinity Monastery
in Baltimore, Maryland. It represents what the eye of faith sees
when people gather to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Christ is the victim offered to the Triune God on the altar that joins
heaven to earth. Mary is present as she was on Calvary.
The light of grace emanates from the Spirit to enliven the faithful
and all creation. The saints and souls of the faithful departed
are under God’s mantle and in his embrace.