The Trinitarians Retreat Center

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Fr. Binoy Akkalayil, O.SS.T.
Fr. Binoy Akkalayil, O.SS.T
Perhaps you belong to a group or know of one, which is considering a retreat or seminar. I offer a personal invitation to come and visit us. Tour the center and explore the beauty of our grounds. You will quickly agree that Holy Trinity Spiritual Center is an oasis within our fast-paced world. It is our desire to share our home with you.
For over 20 years, the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, commonly known as the Trinitarians, have opened their doors to provide hospitality to individuals and groups in search of peace and serenity.

With the passing of each year, our lives are becoming more inundated with numerous responsibilities to our families, our careers and our communities.

Knowing that an oasis like Holy Trinity Spiritual Center is conveniently located in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area offers an opportunity to maintain a healthy balance between responsibility and recollection.